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solar diorama 3D

« Solar » is a virtual garden dedicated to the rhythm of the sun.

Diorama, 3D scans and videos.

August 2022, Paris

Everything here is bombarded by Mediterranean sunlight.

Abandoned spaces are seemingly petrified: a fountain, a crumbling wall, a brick stairway and a rock in the middle of nowhere.

Common to all virtual scenes – contemporary adaptations of romantic ruins – is the sun as witness, offering a sensual and spiritual experience: creative morning energy, lassitude at its zenith, twilight melancholy.

The author’s thoughts take the shape of generative sculptures: trees of life, weeds, or could it be mounds of waste? Everything here is transient, burnt by the sun and left abandoned.

It is difficult to find a more intimate sensation in existence than that procured by the sun. Its presence is impossible for us to ignore, regardless of personal circumstances, joys and tragedies. 

As the oldest body in our solar system, it keeps us linked to an inexorable cycle we owe everything to, and compared to which we are nothing.

And yet, our contemporary societies do not attach much importance to the close bond between human beings and the sun. They try to separate us from it, to shut us up. 

And when it comes to finding a little serenity, we think about our balance, our well-being, our natural rhythm. Whereas the only rhythm that counts is that of the sun. 

Part I: Morning

Part II: Zenith

Partie III: Twilight

In memory of my partner who I first shared these texts with on a beach somewhere in Crête.