Belgian author, creator of virtual spaces and moving images 

(based in Paris)

Growing up with the digital, I’ve seen firsthand the many failed attempts, trials, and errors that have shaped its evolution. Errors, glitches, and failures allow me to explore uncharted territories. I actively seek them out in my digital creations.

I’m the author of two philosophy books, Digressive Society and Humans and their Errors. These lifetime projects encapsulate my thoughts and digressions, continuously evolving with new essays and illustrations.

Humans and their Errors deals with most fundamental questions in life – existential and metaphysical – while Digressive Society is about our shared existence, cultural, economic and political issues. Separation between sense-making and shared existence is artificial of course, and the two books are intertwined.

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Exhibitions and Screenings

February 2024 – Constructions part of VideoSoundArchive (S9 edition)

November 2023 – AI Phantasmagoria part of the Becoming Machine exhibition (Artsect Gallery, The Wrong Biennale), London, UK.

November 2022 – Chaos group exhibitionEspace d’art Chaillioux , Paris, France.

May 2022 – Constructions screened at Las Cigarreras (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante), curated by ACOA (Contemporary artists from Alicante), Spain.

May 2022 – What you Like, Where you Like, When you Like exhibited at Surveillance Society. A State of Control exhibition – Rome, Italy.

November 2021 – Circulation, Pas-Perdus and Collective Obsessive-Compulsive Order displayed at the Fall 2021 macparis salon (group of 22 contemporary artists)- Paris, France.

April 2016 – Moving images screened at the Open Show – Toronto, Canada.

June 2015 – “Welcome to Hong Kong” screened at the Under the Subway Videoart NightMuseu Valencià de la Il·lustració i la Modernitat – Valencia, Spain.

June 2013 – “Welcome to Hong Kong” screened at the 3rd edition of Under the Subway Video Art Night – New York, USA.

June 2011 – “Welcome to Hong Kong” screened at the 11th edition of the Images Contre Nature festival – Marseilles, France.

September 2010 – “Welcome to Hong Kong” screened in the Toronto subway, as part of the Toronto Urban Film Festival.

July 2010 –  “A week off – the ordeal of scentless” screened at the Temporary Arts Project space  – Southend-on-Sea, UK.

April 2009 – “At the bus stop” screened at the Underground City exhibition – London, UK.

February 2009 – “On the couch” screened at the Directors Lounge – Berlin, Germany.

April 2008 – “On the couch” screened at the Artropolis festival – Chicago, USA.

April 2008 – Digital Media Valencia festival – Valencia, Spain.

April 2008 – “Born” screened at the E32 – New York, USA.

April 2008 – “On the couch” screened at the Another Roadside Attraction – London, UK.

January 2007 – Artwork featured on the Artbase – New Museum of Contemporary Art – New York, USA.

September 2005 – Moving images screened at the Media Art Friesland festival – Friesland, the Netherlands.

April 2005 – Moving images screened at the European Media Art festival – Osnabrück, Germany.

March 2005 – Artwork referenced by – Japan.

Papers and Talks

November 2023 – Speaker at the Becoming Machine “AI art talk” (The Wrong Biennale), London, UK.

November 2022 – Speaker at VRDays Europe (Think Bigger in VR) – Rotterdam, Netherlands

November 2022 – Panelist at XR/Metaverse/Web3 Conference – Metaverse, Germany.

September 2022 – Speaker at Pirate Summit (ethics in IT talk) – Cologne, Germany.

March 2022 – Speaker at The DevOps Conference 2022 (ethics in IT talk)- Finland (remote).

November 2020 – Curator of Post-COVID Urban Mobilities online exhibition – Paris, France.

October 2020 – Editor of Leadership Beyond Hierarchy – Paris, France.

July 2020 – Social: evolversi o morire published in Istmo (Italian).

Apr 2019 – The Future of Digital Communities published in the Disconnect.

October 2017 – Machine Learning: Dealing with Diversity of Meaning published in the AI & Society academic journal.

May 2017 – “The A.I. and Human Brain: Symbiosis or Zero-Sum Game?” workshop with the support of Idea Couture – Toronto, Canada.

July 2016 – Moderator of the City of Dust and Human Zoo discussions (art exhibition openings)  – London, UK.

February 2016 – “Echo Chambers in Media and Social Networks” workshop with the support of the Westminster Reference Library – London, UK.

September 2013 – “La société digressive – la mise en perspective culturelle” talk given at the “Transgression : de l’émancipation à la progression” symposium – Université Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers, France.

February 2013 – “L’expertise soumise à appréciation” talk given at the Philopolis 2013 conference – Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada.

July 2011 –  The Semiotics of Video Games presented at the 3rd video games cultures conference  – Mansfield College, University of Oxford, UK.

June 2011 –  Talk about the appropriation of space given at the IXth IIAA conference on Environmental Aesthetics, University of Helsinki – Lahti, Finland.

January 2011, Conversation with Kati Blom on the appropriation of space, from the International Society for the Philosophy of Architecture.

September 2010 –  “Welcome to Hong Kong” presented at the European Conference on Complex Systems (Lisbon, Portugal).

July 2010: Philosophical concept of mobile capital published in the issue 232 of the “Design, Architecture, Ideas” Ottagono magazine.

February 2010 – Heterotopia of Walt Disney World published in the February 2010 edition of Philosophy Now magazine.

August 2009 – Design for Dreaming workshops and cultural exchange between students in London and Hong Kong.

July 2009 – Dreams of Progress art exhibition – London, UK.