Humans and their Errors (illustrated edition)


Humans and their Errors is a philosophical answer to big and small questions from an engineer turned artist. The author shares his existential bugs and glitches, his scientific and metaphysical wanderings and their consequences for material, virtual and after lives.

It is a constantly reworked collection of philosophical texts, digital artworks, geometrical diagrams and thought experiments. It is also the perpetuation of an “ontological error”, at once beautiful and incorrigible, that the artist keeps making in his art installations, moving images and virtual worlds, and that we all make by the simple fact of our existence.

This book includes many QR codes. Scan them to watch videos and enter virtual reality projects (also available on mobile and laptop).

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Version 2.0

Dimensions:  28 x 22 cm (11 x 8.5 in)

Hardcover, 76 pages

Table of Contents

Foreword 5
Mind your Step 7
Collective Obsessive Compulsive Order 8
Errors 13
Surviving our Errors 15
Discourse and Evocations 17
Graceful Action 18
The Phenomenology of Errors 21
Mental Constructions 27
Dialectical Geometrisation 29
Loss of Consciousness 35
Conscious Function 41
Machine Learning and Diversity of Meaning 44
Uncertainty, Order and Disorder 48
Thought Experiments 53
Memories of an Isolated Childhood 54
Taxonomy of Conscious Beings 56
Computed Chaos 65
Solar 71
The Biggest Error of All 76

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