Digressive Society (illustrated edition)


Digressive Society is a manifesto for a post-certainty society, a pragmatic answer to all dogmas and monopolies.

In his book, the author unfolds a thought provoking philosophical system that is meticulously constructed and covers a wide range of cultural, political and economical issues.

Through his moving images, virtual and digital artworks, the artist shares his views on the current state of the world and its digital revolution.

Inspired by existentialism, value pluralism and other postmodern currents of thoughts, he puts forward a model of society that would not rely on technological, economical or social progress but find its roots in the ambiguous character of human existence. Such a system would not only be perfectly feasible, but the only one capable of preventing all forms of self-alienation.

This book includes many QR codes. Scan them to watch videos and enter virtual reality projects (also available on mobile and laptop).

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Version 2.0

Dimensions:  28 x 22 cm (11 x 8.5 in)

Hardcover, 180 pages

Table of Content

Foreword 4

Today’s World 7
Towards a New Reality 8
Packaged Lifestyles 9
The Interruption that is the Possible 11
Airport Rituals 15
Digressive Ambitions 17

Public Space 21
Egocentric Interfaces 21
Conciliated Public Space 23
Dialectical Framework for Advertising Discourse 26

Having a Voice 33
What Art Owes to Strolling 33
Deinstitutionalised Art 34
Expertise Subject to Appraisal 37
Rebooting the New Economy 41

The Economy 51
Import / Export 52
The Middle Class and its Leisure 56
The SM Economy and its Alternatives 62
The Value of Things and the Merit Needed to Enjoy Them 72
What Gets Measured Gets Done 77
Negotiating Goods and Conciliating Monopolies 82
The Merit of Economic and Monetary Systems 90

Identity 97
Commodified Identities 97
The Opportunity of a Globalised World 100
The Cultural Perspective 103
A Human Scale Society 106

The Law 115
Manifesto of Digression 116
Digressive Approach to Engaged Conflicts 120
Inclusive Justice 131
The Pernicious Effects of the Law 139
Democratic and International Conciliations 145

Conclusions 150
Towards a Digressive Society 150

Annexes 158
Conditioned Economies and their Coexistence 158

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