Circulation #2


Circulation #2, childhood memories of sleeping In the backseat of the car.
Did you know that the Belgian highways network is one of the most lighted in the world, to the point you can see it from space? As a child, I was hypnotised by lights on the highway. There is something very reassuring about order and repetition, and digital technology is the most natural media to represent it.


LEDs (19x19cmx3cm, 0.7kg), Raspberry Pi, cables and black multi-socket, May 2019, Paris.

The LEDs are running on a Raspberry Pi and are programmed in Python.

IMPORTANT: If the delivery address is outside the EU, shipment may be subject to additional import taxes and custom duties imposed by the destination country, payable by the buyer upon receipt. In any doubt, please schedule a zoom or send me an email to discuss delivery options.

Does not include found objects used in the pictured installation.

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