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What can Lawmakers Learn from Lean UX?

Can lean software development techniques (such as Scrum, Test-driven development, and UX-driven design) both increase government effectiveness and improve citizen engagement? London (UK) and Toronto Participants: Dazza Greenwood, Lecturer & research scientist at the MIT Media Lab, @DazzaGreenwood Joshua Stark, Head of operations and legal at Ledger Labs, @jjmstark Marina Korneeva, UX evangelists, Daveta co-founder, @MarinaTO9 Keith McDonald, Public engagement consultant, @SherylsCrush Christien LevienFounder of the Legal Swipe app, @ChristienLevien James Moore, Co-founder of F-LEX, @reducingwip Mark Lizar, Founder and CEO of Smart Species, @smartopian Moderators: Cyprian Bruck & Christophe Bruchansky See the slides In collaboration with: Legal Hackers Toronto