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All prisoners

In the universe, human existence unfolds as a perpetual cycle of frustration and anger. Yet, rather than confronting their feelings, many prefer to remain captive of the norm.

In this chapter of the Universe series, we encounter an elderly creature seated on a bench. The old dog seethes with anger in solitude. Around him, a canvas of imprisoned souls. Above him, a constellation of drones. He faces a harsh, two-fold choice: suppress his anger or risk losing his freedom.

As Paris gears up for the Olympic Games, there are even more wire fences than usual throughout the city. They stand in stark contrast to the lofty ideals of the event, limiting both movement and visibility amid extensive construction activities. Their installation is more than sufficient, characterised by an overly zealous emphasis on control.

These improvised barriers hastily erected around bridges, construction sites, landmarks, and cultural venue entrances, turn people into virtual captives in a zoo-like setting. Omitted from architectural drawings and scenic Instagram shots, fences serve as a silent reminder of the chasm between the idealised facade of freedom and the harsh reality of control. Temporary only in theory, fences are not merely physical structures; they are both within and around us, constraining the mind and perpetuating a state of collective confinement.

Part of the Universe series