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A Virtual Journey Through Space and Humanity

Moving images, 3D landscapes and monster portraits

Sept 2023 – June 2024

Uncanny valleys are filled with glitches. Downtown erupts in flames, and street fights are broadcast live on television. But nothing could distract the pair of rabbit and bear monsters, captivated by the awe-inspiring vastness of the universe. 

The “Universe” series is an animalistic odyssey that extends beyond our mundane lives, electronic devices, and today’s broken world. It is a quest to connect with the Universe and its dwellers—a journey fraught with obstacles.

Why is it so frightening?

Perhaps facing our monstrous side allows us to see our true selves.

Why creatures that are part human, part animal?

Human subjects just don’t interest me much. Instead, I’m fascinated by fantastical, mysterious animals. Deep down, we are all creatures driven by instinct and desire; this is reflected in the nightmarish scenes of my videos where creatures are left to their own devices. Yet, in the Universe portraits, the gentle sunlight soothes their emotions, bringing a sense of peace.

Why the bare concrete structures?

Perhaps they come from the horror film The Man With The X-Ray Eyes (1963), which deeply impacted me as a child. It is about a scientist who developed a drug that enables him to see the true essence of human existence.

Or maybe it is because of my interest in construction sites. Their ever-evolving bare structures symbolise the potential for a better future.

It looks a bit like a video game, isn’t it?

Yes, although there isn’t actually a game to play. Game worlds do inspire me. However, I’m not a hardcore gamer and I don’t really fit into that community. I would like to explore game environments freely, without following any rules or having to demonstrate anything.

Who are the bear and rabbit monsters?

Bears are a fixture in popular culture: from the Care Bears, the gay bear type to adorable Cony and Brown memes and the scary bear toy in the Akira movie. They represent a mix of childhood nostalgia and an underlying sense of threat.

Rabbits, meanwhile, are typically portrayed as cute creatures. However, I find their skulls sinister. They appear innocent but harbour a darker side.

Both are partners in hell.

What role does AI play in this project?

Generative AI is deeply integrated into the “Universe”, permeating videos, texts, and lines of code. It is a way to navigate through the vast amount of content produced by countless individuals, revealing its surprising resonance with personal memories and emotions. But AI also brings with it noise and glitches. It mirrors modern society: erratic and clueless about the universe.

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Little House on the Prairie

The Show Must Go On

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