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Virtual odyssey into the Universe and its people.

Pink monsters cause chaos as downtown erupts in flames. Street fights unfold on live television. But nothing could distract the pair of a rabbit and bear monster, captivated by the awe-inspiring vastness of the universe. Their facial expressions soften, replaced by wonder, as they contemplate the immensity of the solar system.

Everything surrounding the two monsters appears distorted and glitchy—a surreal manifestation of the virtual reality they inhabit. From the surface of the sun to the televised riots, none of it is genuine; all are generated by artificial intelligence.

The “Universe” series extends beyond our own lives, technology and today’s broken world.

It centres on our quest to connect with the vastness of the Universe and its inhabitants—a pursuit that proves challenging.

Within this series, a mesmerising blend of virtual scenes, AI-generated images, videos, and 3D objects unfolds, where fantasy triumphs over reality, yet without evoking awe. Uncanny valleys are filled with glitches, creatures marred by imperfections.

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