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Romantic Ruins

What fascinates us so much in ruins? Their longevity or decay?

A bit of both probably, and this fascination is nowhere more visible today than in spas, badehaus and sauna complexes.

As for romantic gardens in vogue from the 18th century, we wander through ruins of roman, maya and hindu temples, enter a hot tub or swimming pool and admire the lush vegetation.

We imagine intrigues, sacrifices, bloody wars and worst atrocities, as to explain the collapse of past civilisations. Yet, we know that ours is not less decadent.

Such a cocktail of grandeur and dogged fate can only exacerbate romances of all kinds. We get lost in mazes of ruins, observing each other from a distance, meeting again, kissing in hiding.

Ruins are where most beautiful love stories happen.

Part of the Sauna series.