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AI Phantasmagoria

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Godzilla vs. Generative AI

Breaking news: Giant pink monsters invade downtown! Live television captures chaotic scenes of fires and riots engulfing the city. Mysterious robots clash with colossal creatures, leaving everyone bewildered by the unexpected confrontation.

This gripping scenario is purely a work of fantasy, a computer-generated phantasmagoria—an amalgamation of fantastic and bizarre imagery. The videos are generated by artificial intelligence (Zeroscope text-to-video), drawn from millions of online videos and pop culture references.

AI is not, as is often assumed, a human artificial intelligence, but a collective one. Its imagination does not stem from a specific individual, but from all the data that society publishes on the Internet.

Thus, AI does not imitate human thought, but rather captures the zeitgeist. It is the next stage in our attempt to create a conscious entity called society; something bigger than us that could carry our thoughts and outlive us.

This process is perilous. Often, Generative AI is not expanding our horizons, but rather recycling and reprocessing our fears. It is a monster of our own making. We find ourselves akin to both Godzilla and robots, struggling for survival and fighting against our instincts.

We are unwittingly immersed in a Godzilla-like tale.

Exhibted at the Becoming Machine exhibition (Artsect GalleryThe Wrong Biennale), London, UK (November 2023)

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