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Lost in Digital

Digital technology is a solvent to deconstruct my ideas into more abstract things.

My creations are there to be explored, without any well-defined narrative or meaning.

Lost in creations that are deconstructed to an ever-greater degree, I am the last to master what is really evoked in them. Screenshots and captures distort my texts and artistic projects, which are themselves nothing but a succession of computer bits, electromagnetic traces of distant thoughts.

Immersions VJ is an iPad app to generate real-time 3D visuals. It offers a new way of exploring and sharing my artistic projects.

I like to play with software I don’t fully master, develop one little functionality at a time, and not try too hard to use it correctly. It relaxes me to play the dummy. It is not like in my texts and books where I try to think about everything in advance and build sophisticated mental constructions.

I let it go while developing, because I know I can count on the machine to stay logical in all circumstances. The key is to choose a project I know I can complete in a reasonable amount of time by trial and error, and to embark on the journey. It is a mind puzzle – easy mode – that relaxes me furthermore knowing that it will lead to some tangible artwork.

This way of developing is inefficient but it allows for some wandering and unexpected behavior from the machine. It is about losing oneself in lines of code and being open for some inspiration. Then, I enjoy cleaning the structure of my project – refactoring my lines of codes – so that I can logically integrate the result of my wanderings. And it feels like a fresh start.

To lose myself in the logic of a machine is like losing myself in the logic of the universe. In that sense, I like using new technologies because they allow me to lose myself in unexplored logical territories. It is a meditation.

When I program, my mind is not so much oriented towards technology, but absorbed by much more fundamental dialogue between logic and coincidence.

Errors and Immersions