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If my body was a temple, what would such a worship place look like?

Perhaps it would look like Cleopatra’s temple from the French soap advertisement from the 80s. She was bathing, alone, in a bath of pharaonic dimensions surrounded by monumental columns and egyptian statues. 

Or perhaps it would look like saunas and their indoor swimming pools. These places have, at least, the merit to take up the challenge and imagine such monuments.

Even in the most contemporary ones, there is always a reference to some ancient civilization. As if modernity doesn’t have what it takes to dream of our bodies.

No civilization surpassed the Greeks and Romans when it came to glorifying the human body. Marble statues radiate of eternal vigour and youth.

Antique statues sit on pedestales. They are worshipped. What a reassuring feeling compared to our insignificance in the outside world.

Life would be so much simpler if we were made out of marble!

There we are dreaming of grandeur and eternal life when bathing into swimming pools of spas, badehaus and sauna complexes.

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