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sauna pool gay

If my body were a temple, what might such a worship place look like?

Perhaps it would look like Cleopatra’s temple from a 1980s French soap advertisement—bathed in solitude within a pharaonic bath, flanked by towering columns and Egyptian statues.

Or perhaps it might look like saunas and their indoor swimming pools. Even the most modern examples pay homage to ancient civilizations, as though the present lacks the imagination required to celebrate our physical form.

Marble statues exude a sense of eternal vitality and youth. Antique figures rest upon pedestals, revered and adored—a comforting contrast to our insignificance in the external world.

In the tranquil waters of spa pools, badehaus, and sauna complexes, we find ourselves dreaming of magnificence and everlasting life.

Life might be far simpler if we were carved from marble!

Part of the Sauna series.