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Let Greek gods guide you through exotic interiors, make random and anonymous encounters.

« Sauna » is a surrealistic quest of the other set in gay saunas and naturist bathhouses.

Virtual and multi-channel video installation

August 2022 – June 2023, Paris

Explore dioramas and join the wandering silhouettes. The immersive and rich universe – featuring images, videos and philosophical texts – is an intimate account of an timeless and imaginary universe on the fringes of society: a collective and yet very solitary experience.

Sauna chapters:

Part I: Jacuzzi

Part II: Pool

Part III: Melting Pot

Part IV: Hammam

Part V: Romantic Ruins

Part IV: Dark Rooms

Part IV: With Him

Part IV: Locker Room

Virtual Reality, Saunas and Heterotopias