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Let Greek gods guide you through exotic interiors, make random and anonymous encounters.

« Sauna » is a surrealistic quest of the other set in gay saunas and naturist bathhouses (August 2022 – June 2023, Paris). 

Explore scenes in virtual reality and join the wandering silhouettes. The immersive and rich universe – featuring images, videos and philosophical texts – invites us to reconsider our relation to others and ourselves, to modernity and its decadence. It is an intimate account of an timeless and imaginary universe on the fringes of society: a collective and yet very solitary experience.

No Taboo in Paradise

Part I: Jacuzzi

Part II: Pool

Part III: Melting Pot

Part IV: Hammam

Part V: Romantic Ruins

Part IV: Dark Rooms

Part IV: With Him

Part IV: Locker Room

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