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Wander through algorithmic construction sites in a video game-like meditation space.

The immersive experience is as much a contemplation of the ever-changing urban landscape as a critique of the broken housing market in large cities. It is inspired by my years living in London.

Featuring 3D models and scans taken in the streets of London and the Nine Elms area.

February 2022

I need construction wherever I live,

I feel oppressed by completed buildings.

Cranes and steel structures appease me,

They are the promise of a better future.

I like to watch their progress day after day,

To see elevator shafts grow floor after floor.

New buildings are never as glorious as 3D renderings,

Never as mysterious as their concrete frames.

Single-channel video installation

Part of VideoSoundArchive⧉ (S9 edition, February 2024)

Part of the Chaos group exhibition⧉ (November 2022, Paris)

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