Posted on is a platform dedicated to immersive art in VR and on the web. No virtual real estate, no noisy audio chat or game score to distract from the artistic experience.

The platform was inaugurated in January 2022 and hosts immersive experiences from guest artists. All artworks are free to explore and run on the immersion engine: an open source library I have created for my immersive projects and that everyone can use.

The Immersion open source library allows anyone with basic knowledge of javascript to create immersive experiences in virtual reality and on the Web. It is based on WebXR and uses the babylon.js real time 3D engine. The so-called immersive web builds on the qualities of the web: it is open, works on most browsers and is easy to share.

I believe the web is still the best metaverse out there for artistic expression: anybody can publish on it and it can now deliver truly immersive experiences. “Art is the shortest route between human beings,” once said André Malraux. It is an opportunity for men and women to share inner experiences, to get into somebody else’s mind and enter their universe. Virtual reality allows us to explore universes that would be inconceivable otherwise. It still has the power to make us pause and take the time to experience things that are out of the ordinary.

Collaboration with composer, artist and developer Jean-Marie Lavallée. Play notes on his sphere and let yourself be hypnotised.