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Is the Future of Computers Open Source or Proprietary?

The open source movement has moved a long way from its rebellious origins. Source code that is available to the public for use and modification is now ubiquitous in the digital industry. Almost all big tech companies use and contribute to open source projects extensively. In sum, everyone understands their benefits for the global economy.

However, the open source movement hasn’t enjoyed the same success in consumer products. Source code of most Internet platforms is not public and freely reusable. Proprietary software such as Windows, macOS and iOS are as popular as ever.

Why is that? Is it because open source software would not be as advantageous for consumers? And if not, what is preventing open source innovations and pluralism to benefit end users?

Lukas à Porta, open source specialist and creator of Phyllome OS: an open source project to make it easier to most modern operating systems on your personal computer.