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Does the Internet Make Us More Conservative or Progressive?

Since the beginning of the 21st century, we have been experiencing a permanent digital revolution, introducing us to the new era which has irreversibly changed all aspects of our lives, from personal and social to educational and professional.

This had a paramount impact on our current way of socializing, gaining experience and qualifications in learning, especially interacting with others on both private and professional level via the Internet.

If we know how to use the Internet to the best of our advantages, it is a most useful system for lifelong learning and gathering information, but should we surrender our free choice to influencing websites and blogs, aggressively soliciting a “fashionable”, but conservative lifestyle, we are no longer acting in accordance with our free will, but passively “enjoy” the conformism of not having to think, choose and decide for ourselves.

The Internet provides us with infinite possibilities, but it is also a powerful means of shaping our identity towards the „new conservative“ of living the “prescribed”, “copy/pasted” lifestyle dictated by social media influencers and becoming alienated from ourselves and others.

The (philosophical) progressive standpoint is that the direction we should follow would be the one governed by our own free will, choice and individual personality. Is this right? And if yes, does the Internet environment and communication help us to develop our “true” identity? 

Or are there benefits to the new conservative and the trend of following numerous sources of “rules” ?

MODERATOR: Iva Sokicic

Iva Sokicic is a researcher of social phenomena and pluralism in the field of philosophy and linguistics from Zagreb, Croatia, with an MA in Philosophy and English Linguistics and Literature, a current Ph.D. candidate in social philosophy and, above all, a great metal fan.


Date: 9th December, remote session