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The More Data, the More Confused we Get

The whole point of Big Data is to help us make better decisions. Little did we know how unprepared we were for all this information! Anybody can demonstrate anything based on some data nowadays, whether their point is true or false. As for any new technology, the same people who praised Big Data are now offering remedies to its usage. What is artificial intelligence if not an attempt to get on top of data, to make sense of it while remaining objective ? 

In truth, dealing with unlimited data means dealing with chaos, being able to grasp multiple and subtle realities. And our societies are in desperate need for certitudes, unable to cope with a messy reality.

Of course, AI is not more objective than Big Data. None of them can make sense of reality on our behalf, only we humans can. AI and Big Data put humanity to the test, how able are we to deal with chaos?