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Metal Subculture and Diversity in Music

Everybody with an open mind and love for music of any genre interested in the topic is most welcome and we hope to have a constructive and pleasant conversation.

Extreme metal music, especially, primarily black and death metal genres, have established and asserted their position as the music of rebellion against social norms, religion, oppressive society by their musical form, brutal and violent lyrics, as well as genuine dark atmosphere created by specific guitar riffs and drum blast beats.

From the beginnings of death and black metal as an underground scene in Scandinavia, US and European countries in the early 1980s, until today, metal music has developed into a huge worldwide market in the music industry open to analysis of its mass productive and commercial aspect.

The question then arises: are metal and other „subversive“ forms in music still thought of as diversity or have they blended into the mainstream of the dominant culture and musical styles ? „What are the criteria for diversity and pluralism in music and is there any music genre today we could describe as „subculture“ ?

MODERATOR: Iva Sokicic
Iva Sokicic is a researcher of social phenomena and pluralism in the field of philosophy and linguistics from Zagreb, Croatia, with an MA in Philosophy and English Linguistics and Literature, a current Ph.D. candidate in social philosophy and, above all, a great metal fan.