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Discovery of Magnetic North

Part of: Dreams of Progress exhibition.


Discovery of Magnetic North, Richard Jerousek and Brian Phillips, USA, 2007 – 20 min.

“This video is meant to accompany the live performances of our music project, Discovery of Magnetic North. Much of the music is influenced by the mysterious and bittersweet feelings connected to our earliest memories, most of which have strong ties to the video media that has engulfed us since birth.”

video deleted by creator

Soundtrack by Discovery of Magnetic North (copyright 2007).
Video material from various Television series, Movies, and Educational Films of the 60s-80s.



Discovery of Magnetic North by Richard Jerousek and Brian Phillips [2007] raises interesting questions. People and situations filmed are distant from the viewer – they fade away because of the retro visual effects and the soundtrack. Characters have their own stories and emotions, but futuristic buildings and medical imaging interfere. Individuality is dissolved in technology and the media. Or maybe it is the time passing by that dissolves the scenes from the 70s, our memories being altered  by the technology and media of that time. The video is about individuality, memory, and media.

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