Us and Our Errors

“Us and Our Errors” is the label under which I regroup my artwork, art exhibitions, and debates. It comes from the title of one of my books,Humans and their Errors, in which I describe an existence in perpetual motion. I argue that we can only live through errors, in a positive way. And that the best we can do is to give them a meaning through aesthetics.


Art discussions and exhibitions

July 2016 – Chair of the City of Dust art discussion at the occasion of an exhibition opening(London, UK).

July 2015 – Chair of the Human Zoo public art discussion(London, UK).

January 2011 – The Semiotics of Video Games art exhibition.

The semiotics of Video Games

February 2010 – Welcome to My Place: where people film and share the places that matter to them.

Welcome to My Place

August 2009 – Design for Dreaming: children’s workshops and cultural exchange


July 2009 – Dreams of Progress: video art exhibition on past and present visions of the future



These early experimental videos were mostly created between 2004 and 2008. They are hybrid productions mixing drawing, first-hand photography, acoustic environment, and writing. I regrouped them under one label, “4-8am”, referring to the hours, between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m., during which I produced them: a time aside from the rest of the day, propitious to lyricism and philosophy.