I’m a Belgian author and founder of Plural: a think tank dedicated to pluralism. Its mission is to put continental philosophy, postmodernism, and critical theory at the core of any vision for the 21st century, and in particular at the core of its biggest driver of change that is technology.


The idea came when writing the Digressive Society book – a manifesto for a post-certainty era -, in which I describe a so-called digressive approach. I believe it is the solution for a better, freer and plural society. And I’ve been using it since then to solve real-life problems.

I’ve worked for the past 20 years on projects that encourage new ways of living and thinking, in particular in relation to new technologies. I’ve been active in the London and Toronto startup communities, where I’ve been practicing my technology and solution-oriented skills.

I’m also an artist, curator, and author of Humans and their Errors; these are quite different projects, or maybe they are not.

christophe -at- bruchansky[dot]name