profile-smallI’m a Belgian philosophical author (currently based in Paris) and founder of Plural: an international think tank dedicated to the pluralism of ideas and diversity of opinion and choices. When we find a situation where real or perceived choices are not as diverse as they could be, we try to understand why and to suggest remedies.

Before that, I was project leader and product manager for various startups and tech companies (in Brussels, London, and Toronto). The Plural think tank is the culmination of 20 years of experience working on projects that encourage new ways of living and thinking, in particular in relation to new technologies, combined with the ideas that I developed in philosophy clubs, nonprofit organizations and in the Digressive Society book (La Société Digressive): a manifesto for a post-certainty era.

The think tank follows a so-called digressive approach to address some of the most pressing issues of our time; an approach that I’ve been using since then in all my projects.

I’m also an art curator, visual artist and author of Humans and their Errors (L’Homme et ses Erreurs); these are quite different projects, or maybe they are not.

christophe -at- bruchansky[dot]name