Welcome to My Place


The Welcome to My Place collective video resource is where people film and share the places that matter to them – where everyone can explore what places mean today.

Participants are invited to make videos in which they welcome the viewers to the places that matter to them. The videos should be less than one minute long. Places of all kinds can be chosen by participants, as long as they are personal enough to be ‘their’ place. They are presented using the familiar pattern of the welcoming, a social practice that provides additional depth to the video collection.

The collective video resource is the opportunity to question the concept of place without preconceived answers. How do we understand and represent to ourselves the places to which we are connected? How does it differ from culture to culture? How do we apprehend the constant movement of urban landscapes? The “Welcome to My Place” video resource is a platform for cultural dialogue, not simply a juxtaposition of places but an exchange of meaning made possible by the human act of welcoming. It is the occasion for artists, architects, urbanists, cartographers, volunteers, and inhabitants to share their views and experiences.

Video contributions are encouraged by the organisation of workshops, talks and exhibitions. The Welcome to My Place concept is the result of brainstorms and test videos made in collaboration between Nathan Johnston (the small world project) and I. The project was launched in January 2010 and everyone is welcome to participate.  Check out the Vimeo Welcome Group and the workshop manuals.

  • Welcome to Finsbury Park: the project was co-organised with the Transition Finsbury Park association to engage the London N4 local communities with their neighbourhood. It consisted of a two-month field investigation using videos, and concluded in March 2010 with a workshop and the co-creation of subjective maps.
  • Welcome to the Westminster Reference Library: friends of the Westminster Reference Library welcome you to their place. Watch their videos and discover what the life of a library is today.
  • Welcome to Hong Kong: Study on Verticality: a series of three artistic videos around the theme of verticality. I made them while I was in Hong Kong in May 2010 to complement my philosophical research on the notion of place.
  • Workshop Manuals: step-by-step manuals documenting the workshops that have been organized as part of the Welcome to My Place activities.
  • Philosophical paper on the Appropriation of Space: analysis of some of the Welcome to My Place videos and a slightly different approach to the concept of non-place. It is also a short introduction to the notion of place and its main philosophical themes.