Exhibition: Dreams of Progress


The ‘Dreams of Progress’ exhibition takes a look back at our previous visions of the future, how they materialized, and the ways in which they relate to the dreams we nourish today. Videos of utopian visions are presented along with the sensitive perceptions of emerging video artists.

Predictions for the 60s from General Motors back in 1940 are juxtaposed with Microsoft’s recent vision for 2019. Then, bitter-sweet feelings from early memories of the artists Richard Jerousek and Brian Phillips are confronted with the galactic voyage of Tokyo imagined by Ian Lynam.  These videos and more question the meaning of progress, individuality and collective dreams, human nature as opposed to mega structures.

The now-online exhibition was held at the Westminster Reference Library in July 2009, in the heart of London’s West End. It featured a philosophical debate about utopia and progress, as well as a workshop for children (part of the UK Children’s Art Day).

Video art exhibition on past and present visions of the future
Video art exhibition on past and present visions of the future.


  1. Foreword
  2. Videos part 1: Visions for the future
  3. Videos part 2: Microsoft productivity vision for 2019
  4. Videos part 3: Artistic views at the past
  5. Videos part 4: Discovery of Magnetic North
  6. Videos part 5: Artistic reactions to Progress


  1. The exhibition space
  2. Children’s Art Day: storyboarding workshop
  3. Philosophical debate: notions of utopia and progress

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