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Kaj Franck on Serial Production and Anonymity

Here is an interesting passage that I read at the Kaj Franck exhibition (Design Museum of Helsinki):

In the mid-sixties, the idea of anonymity with functional objects inspired a lively debate. In 1965, the Nuutajärvi Glasssworks announced that it would cease using designers’ names in conjunction with mass-produced commodities. This was based on the idea that the designer was putting his or her name on products for which he or she could not solely claim the credit, or in negative cases, be blamed. Artist director Kaj Franck: “A serial production design should not be one of which people grow tired. it should be so relevant that it ‘lasts’ for years and decades, and so unobtrusive that the user doesn’t start to wonder who designed it. The factory’s mark should suffice as the producer’s name”. (Kaunis Koti magazine)

The Nuutajärvi Glasssworks resumed using designers’ names in marketing in the 1970s. Franck too, turned his back on his own anonymity concept.

Kaj Franck exhibition, Helsinki, 2011

Kaj Franck exhibition, Helsinki, 2011


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