A book on political philosophy, one on metaphysics and a dystopian novel, all three publications available in English and French.

Digressive Society


In the book Digressive Society, I describe an alternative project for society. A digression should be understood in the positive sense, it is about deviating from any pre-established or expected discourse, and exercise our free will.



Omniscience is a dystopian novel about artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Its story is set in a hypothetical future where augmented reality has invaded our daily lives, thanks to contact lenses superimposing virtual characters into reality.

Humans and their Errors


In this book on metaphysics, I argue that our raison d’être cannot be considered in isolation. In order to exist, we are constrained to attribute meaning to the world. This meaning is arbitrary; it is in no way justified, since existence is not founded on any tangible facts.