I’m an author and critical theorist from Belgium, now residing in London. I’ve published two books on political philosophy and metaphysics, a sci-fi graphic novel, various papers and visual artworks. Since then I’m disseminating the ideas developed in my books through events, workshops, articles, and satire, while still be professionally active in new technologies and digital transformation.

The most important of my work is the Digressive Society book in which I describe a so called digressive approach to culture, economics, and institutions. It is related to, but not to be confused, with existential, libertarian, and anarchist theories (read the manifesto).

Humans and their Errors is my second book in which I develop the concepts of ontological error and aesthetic continuity. I argue that our raison d’être cannot be considered in isolation: it is inextricably bound to the raison d’être of the Other, as well as to the reason for all those things our minds perceive.

Before that I published a sci-fi graphic novel called Omniscience and was the author of experimental videos. The moving images were screened, among other places, at the Art Chicago fair (2008), the European Media Art Festival of Osnabruck (2006), and the Digital Media Valencia festival (2006).

I also organise art and philosophical events around subjects as diverse as the semiotics of video games, the appropriation of places, and visions of the future. I gave talks at events such as the IXth IIAA conference on Environmental Aesthetics (2011, University of Helsinki), the IIIrd Video Games Cultures conference (2011, University of Oxford), and Philopolis (2013, Université du Québec à Montréal).

Christophe Bruchansky
bruchansky -at- digressiveprospects[dot]info